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In Office Live Scan and Ink Fingerprinting Services

Rolling Fee $25 
DOJ/FBI Background Fees, if applicable, are additional.


The Loss Prevention Group, Inc. (LPG) Live Scan and Ink Fingerprinting Services Division , "LPG Live Scan" located  at 524 7th Street, Oakland, CA. LPG employs six DOJ Certified Fingerprint Rollers, trained by active law enforcement officers. Since 2006, we have fingerprinted over 73,000 applicants for employment, volunteer work, licenses, certification, permits, and record reviews. We have the experience that you can trust!

For Live Scan Fingerprinting, LPG uses the latest technology from CrossMatch to digitally scan and transmit fingerprints electronically. Live Scan digital submissions provide the quickest way to submit and process background checks. Live Scan technology allows digitally scanned fingerprints and related information to be submitted electronically to the DOJ and FBI within a matter of minutes and allows criminal background checks to be processed usually within 72 hours.

LPG is also very experienced with ink-rolled fingerprinting. Typically ink fingerprinting is requested for applicants applying for jobs or licenses out of State. LPG provides the standard FBI Applicant card (FD-258), or you can bring in any ink-fingerprint card. LPG uses high-quality FBI approved law enforcement ink. LPG also has the ability to digitally capture applicant fingerprints and print on standard FBI Applicant cards (FD-258). This service is typically reserved for groups or applicant's in need of multiple FD-258 cards. Contact LPG for more information on this service. 

In Office Fingerprinting Fees

LPG's in office fingerprint-rolling fee is $25 per live scan. There may also be a criminal history processing fee collected for the DOJ and the FBI for the background checks. While often paid by the agency requesting criminal history reviews, some applicants may have to pay this fee, so applicants are encouraged to check with their requesting agency.

LPG's in office fingerprint-rolling fee is $25 per ink-rolled card.

Record Review Information

State of California Criminal Record Review: Individuals have the right to request a copy of their own criminal history record from the California Department of Justice to review for accuracy and completeness, and for Visa/Immigration purposes. The total fee for the DOJ Criminal Record Review Live Scan is $50. Results are mailed to the applicant or applicant's attorney, typically in 7 - 10 business days. Bring a completed Record Review Request for Live Scan Service form and valid State ID.

FBI Criminal Record Review: Individuals can request a copy of their FBI criminal record to challenge the content within, review or correct information, and other court-related purposes. Also for meeting Immigration requirements, or to live, work, or travel in a foreign country, adopt a child, or for sending results directly to an attorney for review.

As a service member of Biometrics4ALL, LPG offers the FBI Record Review live scan (also known as U.S. Departmental Order 556-73). This is the fastest FBI Record Review service in the industry with the ability to deliver your FBI Report online. Results are typically delivered in less than an hour, not days or weeks. You may securely review your results upon successful login with advanced authentication protocol, and download/print an Authenticated PDF.

The total fee for the FBI Criminal Record Review is $47. Start the process online at www.applicantservices.com by creating an account online and by selecting NF2 - The Loss Prevention Group as your service location. Bring in the Departmental Order Request for Live Scan form, and your live scan will be processed upon your arrival. Click here for eligibility and more information on the FBI Criminal Record Review.

Forms of Payment

LPG accepts cash, debit cards, credit cards, and money orders. Business checks are also accepted if pre-approved by LPG. Personal checks are not accepted.

All fees are Non-Refundable.

Company and Organization Billing Accounts available. Contact LPG for more information.

Mobile Live Scan and Ink Fingerprinting Services also available.

524 7th Street
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Phone (510) 836-6011

Located at 524 7th Street, between Washington and Clay Streets, in Oakland. Just a few blocks from the 12th Street BART Station. Click here for Directions.

Business Hours

Tuesday - Friday 9:00am - 4:30pm. Closed for lunch 12:30pm - 1:00pm. (Walk In or Appointment)

Saturday 9:00am - 2:30pm (Walk In or Appointment)

Typically there is no wait time or very little wait. 

Some of LPG's current in office live scan Billing Account Customers:
*Oakland Fire Department
*Catholic Charities of the East Bay
*Blind Babies Foundation
*Bay Area Video Coalition
*Acts Full Gospel Church
*Block by Block Security
*California Conservation Corps
*Virago Theatre

*YMCA of the East Bay
*Playworks / Sports 4 Kids
*Quest Nursing Education Center
*Communication Works
*Oakland Kids First
*Neighborhood House
*East Oakland Boxing Association
*It Takes a Village
*KIPP Bay Area Schools
*Ujimaa Foundation