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The Loss Prevention Group, Inc. (LPG) offers the State of Utah approved Concealed Firearm Permit (CCW) Course. This firearms familiarity course is taught by a Concealed Firearm Instructor certified by the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification. There is no range qualification requirement and the Permit is valid for five years!

Book your Utah CCW Permit course ("Multi-State CCW") now, or call (510) 836-6011 to pay over the phone. Prepayment is required to guarantee a spot in the class. Alternatively, participants may walk-in during class registration if space allows. At our training facility we accept cash, credit/debit cards, money orders and company checks. Personal checks are not accepted. 

We also offer private group sessions for 10 or more people, at our location or yours. 

The cost of the course is $130, which includes the required ink-rolled fingerprint card (rolled by a California DOJ Certified Fingerprint Roller). The cost of the course does not include the State of Utah Non-Resident Application fee of $63.25, nor does it include a passport photo.  

The course topics include: Handgun Safety Rules, Handgun Parts and Operation, Ammunition, Fundamentals of Shooting a Handgun, Safe Handling, Utah Laws and Traffic Codes, Federal Laws, Bureau of Consumer Identification Administrative Policy. Click here for the full training curriculum. 

The Utah CCW Permit is available to *most lawful individuals, including residents of the State of California. The Utah CCW Permit is often referred to as the Mutli-State CCW because it allows the holder to carry a concealed firearm in over 30 states, including Nevada, Arizona and Washington. The Utah CCW does not allow the holder to carry a concealed firearm in California. This is the permit to have if you travel outside of California. 

The State of Utah does not allow online training to fulfill the training requirements for this permit, so you came to the right place to satisfy the application needs. Our firearms familiarity course is approximately three hours in length and we will guide you through the entire process. Upon your submission and Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification's receipt of the completed application packet, they will process the application payment. Applications are reviewed in the order they are received. Upon completion of the background investigation, if the application meets criteria established by law, the permit is mailed to the applicant. The standard processing time is approximately two months after payment is processed by Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification.  

It is the responsibility of all Utah concealed firearm permit holders to be familiar with the current reciprocity agreements that indicate which states they can carry concealed in, and know and understand the applicable firearm laws of the states within which they plan to visit. For a current list of states that honor the Utah Permit, click here. For information regarding firearm laws of other states, please contact the respective authority within that state. 

All fees are non-refundable. 

Anyone, at least 21 years of age, may apply for the Utah Concealed Firearm Permit. The permit is valid for five years and it's only $25 to renew, which can be done through the mail.

Anyone, between 18 years of age and 20 years of age, may apply for the Utah Provisional Concealed Firearm Permit. Provisional Permits are valid until the permit holder's 21st birthday. A copy of a Utah Provisional Permit may be used to satisfy weapon familiarity certification if the Provisional Permit is less than one year expired.

Who is Eligible?

*Minimum requirements for application for a concealed firearms permit in Utah are:

-Proof of good character...whereas the applicant;
-has not been convicted of a felony;
-has not been convicted of any crime of violence;
-has not been convicted of any offense involving the use of alcohol;
-has not been convicted of any offenses involving the unlawful use of narcotics or other controlled substances;
-has not been convicted of any offenses involving moral turpitude;
-has not been convicted of any offense involving domestic violence;
-has not bee adjudicated by a court of a state or of the United States as mentally incompetent, unless the adjudication has been withdrawn or reversed;
-is qualified to purchase and posses a firearm pursuant to Utah Criminal Code, Section 76-10-503 and federal law.

Applicants that were born outside of the U.S. must include their Alien Registration Number or INS Registration Number on their application and fingerprint card, or include a copy of their U.S. issued born abroad birth Certificate. A copy of a valid U.S. passport will also be accepted for proof of citizenship if born outside the U.S.

Holders of a valid Concealed Firearm Permit from a state other than Utah are not exempt from taking the weapon familiarity course. 

Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification must receive the application within one year from the date the course was completed. 

For more information, click here

If you have any questions for the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification, including background or eligibility questions, contact them by phone at (801) 965-4445 or email to dpsfirearms@utah.gov