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Retail Loss Prevention


With our experience in the private sector, LPG specializes in Retail Loss Prevention.

LPG's service menu can be combined to provide your company with a complete security/loss prevention function. LPG can work with you to shape your Security/Loss Prevention program or compliment your existing program as your company continues to grow. Regardless, we can help you control expenses, contain losses and promote awareness within your company.

Inventory Shrink, internal and external theft, fraud and policy violations can cost a businesses millions of dollars every year. These losses affect the bottom line and profitability of your company. Unlike most consulting or security companies which are narrowly focused on offering services to protect an “immediate” issue, we offer long term, common sense solutions. LPG is a consulting and security solutions company dedicated to helping different organizations  to protect themselves.

LPG's many years of Security/Loss Prevention experience can help you minimize shrinkage within your company, which directly affects your bottom line. LPG will help you implement policies, procedures and methods to reduce your inventory shrinkage, fraud, and risk while, increasing your company’s awareness. LPG can help you with compliance audits so that will enable you to take back your profits and expand your loss prevention horizons. 

LPG can help you with such items as:
  • Electronic Article Surveillance/Inventory Control System Design
  • Review or Develop Loss Prevention Department Policies & Procedures
  • Risk Assessments
  • Telephone Business Abuse Reporting Implementation  
  • Employee Loss Prevention Awareness Training Seminars
  • Shrinkage Control Procedures and Practices
  • Physical Security Officer Coverage


 Please contact LPG for more information on their services.