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Security Guard Services



LPG Security Services is a local, well trusted and respected security company who is very familiar with School Communities.

We currently serve school communities on both sides of the Bay with our guard services. We are proud to serve private school communities from K thru 12 and Colleges, and are able to place the right guards to work with faculty, staff, students and parents.

We work in partnership within the school communities to provide the best possible secure and safe learning environments during both the day and evening hours.

Besides providing a highly visible, friendly and attentive uniformed patrol service, we have also provided the campuses with Security Risk Assessments, Special Event Security, crosswalk safety and lock-down services and security escort
services to late night working faculty.

We also provide alarm response upon special request to our clients.

 LPG officers are trained to know what to look for at school properties while maintaining a courteous and professional approach at all times.


Especially in larger cities like Oakland and San Francisco, office building security is necessary in order to keep employees and their belongings safe and secure. The Loss Prevention Group, Inc. (LPG) offers professional security services which provides a security presence, while not compromising a companies image. LPG's security personnel compliment any executive lobby, building reception, or security control center operation and our guards are recruited to meet our client's specific needs.

  • Security Officers
  • Office Building Security
  • Front Lobby Reception
  • Patrol and Alarm Responses
  • Parking Garage Security
  • Visitor and Vendor Access Control
  • Employee Access Control
  • Alarm Panel Monitoring
  • Security Escorts

LPG officers are trained to know what to look for at corporate properties while maintaining a courteous and professional approach at all times. Most of our officers have graduated from our own Security Training Academy where we have trained over 40,000 security officers in the Bay Area.

LPG's corporate security services are geared toward ensuring that your building will not be a target to thieves and vandals and that access control is strictly enforced. Businesses will feel safe in knowing that their expensive equipment is protected. Their employees will feel the safety and security of being able to leave work in the evening and not fear an attack as they walk to their vehicles. Security officers from LPG will keep your building safe. For more information on our services, please contact us here.


The Loss Prevention Group, Inc. (LPG) works with retailers, malls and the service industry in the Oakland and San Francisco Bay Areas. LPG provides security officers and plainclothes security professionals who are trained in the latest loss prevention techniques. LPG's security officers are trained to know what to look for at retail venues and have a detailed understanding of the merchant detention laws - and they’re always sensitive to customer relations.

  • LPG recruits and employs only exceptional security professionals.
  • LPG provides higher quality service than the national security companies.
  • LPG's personnel and services compliment their client's image.
  • Security officers receive ongoing professional training. LPG has its own security training facility.

LPG's hybrid uniformed Loss Prevention Officers, are carefully trained in every facet of retail loss prevention including recognizing shoplifters and the tools they use, merchant detention laws, and organized retail crime. LPG's security officers can work uniformed or plainclothes, depending on what the clients goals and objectives may be.

Take your asset protection program to the next level by staffing your store with a company who can make a difference in your inventory control. LPG doesn't just hire "guards;" LPG hires great people with loss prevention and customer service skills - that's what sets them apart! 

Please contact LPG for more information on their services.


The Loss Prevention Group's (LPG) professional and well-trained security personnel are perfect for assignments that require high visibility patrol with heavy public contact.

Tenants will feel more secure with LPG's residential security professionals patrolling their communities. LPG strives to find permanent long-term personnel for their clients because they have found that
residents like to get to know the security personnel. Residents feel more comfortable with security presence.

LPG can provide residential security personnel for many assignments in your Oakland / San Francisco Bay Area community, including:

  • General Patrol
  • Pass-By Checks
  • Access Control
  • Lock Down / Unlock Procedures
  • Parking Enforcement and Tows
  • Safety Checks
  • Respond to Calls for Service

Please contact LPG for more information on their services.