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School Threat Assessments


Preventing school violence is a top priority for school and public safety officials today. Efforts include creating more positive school environments, establishing crisis response teams, increasing security measures, and improving school/community collaboration.

With everything at risk along with the busy schedules of school administrators and faculty, we are here to assist you.

Unfortunately, there is no easy formula or "profile" of risk factors that accurately determines the "next school shooter". Most students who display multiple risk factors will never become violent offenders and some who pose a real threat will not demonstrate a prescribed level of risk.

A more viable approach is that of threat and risk assessment, which uses a set of strategies or pathways to determine the credibility and seriousness of a threat and the likelihood that it will be carried out. Strategic observations of both the physical layout and equipment and policies are also observed and rated. Effective threat assessment will be conducted as part of a comprehensive school safety program. Our goal is to gain support of all members of the school community (students, staff, parents, public safety).

Our Chief Security and Safety Consultant, Bryan Dodd, specializes in critical security planning and threat mitigation and management. Bryan has the experience from the public sector as a Police Officer and First Responder, as well as the ability to work side-by-side with school administrators and faculty to help your school community plan for everyday security issues to the unthinkable such as an active shooter incident. Bryan understands both the need for security as well as the associated financial challenges and will work with administrators to take a common sense approach to achieve long term solutions.

After an initial phone consultation to determine a school's interests and requisites, Bryan will personally meet with you to discuss the threat assessment process, develop an individual assessment plan and schedule the implementation. As you know, each school community and campus has it's own set unique challenges and operation procedures which makes each campus different.

The survey you conducted, and both the written assessment and the discussion at our Administrative Team meeting were very helpful in bringing clarity to questions and concerns that have been bubbling below the surface for some time. Your input has helped us reach a clear vision of the path ahead"

- Mr. James Chestnut, San Francisco University High School

Bryan Dodd, recently retired from a Bay Area Law Enforcement Agency as a decorated Police Sergeant, where he proudly served for 30 years in different assignments including Patrol Supervisor, S.W.A.T., Hostage Negotiator and Police Detective with experience in criminal investigations, public safety and security. He also has experience with the Incident Command Systems (ICS), National Incident Management System (NIMS) for crisis and disaster response and with Comprehensive School Safety Plans to include standardized and site specific response operating protocols (SRP's)

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