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Defensive Tactics


The Loss Prevention Group, Inc. (LPG), the Bay Area's finest and most extensive Security Training Academy is proud to offer it's Defensive Tactics and Handcuffing Class. The cost of the class is $80 if paid on the day of the class, or $70 if paid in advance.

This course is available for Groups of (8) eight or more, call LPG to arrange for a class date and Instructor.

This class was specifically designed for the security industry such as Loss Prevention Officers, Security Officers, Bail Enforcement Agents and so on. We realize that there are special considerations for security professionals and the companies that employ them, so we take great care to cover liabilities and protections in our clients best interests.

The Defensive Tactics and Handcuffing Class is designed to address the advanced training needs for defensive tactics in conjunction with handcuffing. This course picks up where our regular Handcuffing class leaves off. Studies indicate that a great number of individuals resist arrest/detention. All to often the result is injury to security personnel or the suspect.

This course focuses on the following topics;

 - Review of Liability
 - California BSIS Review
 - Documentation
 - Defensive Tactics Stances and Positioning
 - Control Holds
 - Handcuffs and Advanced Handcuffing
 - Overcoming Resistance
 - Prone Control
 - Defensive Alternatives
 - Footwork

The benefits to this training program are a reduction in officer/suspect injury, reduced exposure to civil/criminal liability, reduced workers compensation claims and an increase in security personnel safety.

This class is part lecture and part physical training, all participants are required to wear loose, comfortable clothing and a tennis type shoe, so that they can perform all aspects of the training.

You do not have to be a licensed security guard in order to take this class.
Company and Organization Billing Accounts are available. Contact LPG for more information.