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Women's Self Defense



A Simple, Affordable Solution to Keep You and Your Family Safe!

What you will learn:
  • Risk reduction strategies to help discourage potential threats.
  • How to protect yourself at a safe distance.
  • The best self defense technique to escape an attacker.
  • How to protect yourself during high stress encounters.
  • The best techniques to deploy pepper spray safely and effectively

Learn the safety mindset and adopt the Safety Plan to protect yourself and your family. You'll participate in hands on training to help prepare you to escape a dangerous threat.

You will be taught to become proficient and accurate when using pepper spray by deploying Water Filled, Inert Practice Sprays at Static Targets. Advance your skills by deploying the Practice Spray at your instructor during a simulated attack!

This great class is $40 on the day of class or $30 if you prepay online here


Our students will be exposed to three (3) hours of Safety Awareness Information, Tips, Skills and Techniques within an intimate and fun atmosphere. Class sizes are limited to no more than 12 students allowing your instructor to critique your performance and provide important feedback. Each student will receive:

  • Survivor Skills for Smart Living
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Classroom Time + Hands On Training
  • Classroom Practice Water Filled Inert Spray
  *Personal Defense Products will be available for sale after class.

self defense class instructor

Your Women's Self Defense and Safety Awareness Course will be taught by a LPG Instructor who is also a Certified Instructor. Prior to becoming a Certified Instructor, our  Instructors had to display his/her presentation abilities, knowledge of the program content, and ability to teach the practical safety drills.

Knowledge, enthusiasm, passion, and professionalism are required characteristics of our Instructors.

Who Will Benefit from this Class?

Everyone can benefit from this class.

 Even if you have proficient self defense skills, why go hands on when you can possibly avoid an attack or defend yourself from a distance?

Carry a cell phone? Maybe you'll have time to call the police, but it could take several minutes for them to arrive!

You must be at least 18 years old to attend.

The Women's Self Defense and Safety Awareness Course is offered for groups of (8) or more by appointment.

Call The Loss Prevention Group, Inc. (LPG) to schedule a class for your group.

nert training spray are provided for use during the class.
Students are asked to dress appropriately for "physical" training.

Pepper spray and other security products are available for sale at the end of class.


All fees are Non-Refundable.


Company and Organization Billing Accounts Available. Contact LPG for more information.