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Conductive Electrical Weapons Training - TASER X26c CEW
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This is a Conducted Electrical Weapons ("CEW") familiarity class regarding use of the TASER brand X26c CEW. The cost of the class is $100, which includes use of one live CEW cartridge. Participants are not exposed to the effects of the TASER X26c CEW.

Book your class now, or call (510) 836-6011 to pay over the phone. Prepayment is required to guarantee a spot in the class. Alternatively, participants may walk-in during class registration if space allows. At our training facility we accept cash, credit/debit cards, money orders and business checks. Personal checks are not accepted. 

In this class, security guards learn how to use the TASER brand X26c CEW exclusively. Course topics also include: The "force continuum" where they will be taught to understand the appropriate levels of force that is legal to use when suspected intruders trespass or attempt to trespass in protected areas or when a violent criminal commits an act.

When deadly force may not be necessary, it simply makes sense to have an option between physical strength, which is finite, and a bullet, which is fatal. After all, CEW's emit electrical charges that only temporarily incapacitate individuals but they incapacitate them. If a suspect is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or in emotional distress, the CEW will subdue him or her successfully without causing permanent injury.

Security guards put themselves in the face of danger every shift they work. Though their job description may not require them to make arrests, it does ask that the security guards do everything in their power to keep their post criminal-free. However, training for security guards is rigorous and physical fitness is of utmost importance, sometimes a protective device like the CEW is what it takes to keep all parties involved safe.
CEW training counts towards (4) hours of the BSIS Continuing Education Requirements.

All fees are Non-Refundable.

Company and Organization Billing Accounts and mobile training services available. Contact LPG for more information.

We do not sell TASER products. You can purchase TASER products from TASER directly, or from Taser distributors, such as: ProForce Law Enforcement, or Gun Accessory Supply

NOTE: This class is not sponsored by TASER/AXON. TASER is a trademark of TASER International, Inc. (now Axon Enterprise, Inc.) registered in the U.S. and other countries.