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General Information


The Loss Prevention Group Inc. (LPG) is fully insured, licensed, bonded and qualifed to provide professional security services to the Bay Area in all ranges of security needs. Our company's positive reputation has been cultivated through our dedication to trustworthy, prompt, reliable and valuable security services in the Bay Area.

One of the amazing things about the Bay Area is all the different opportunities it presents for business, edcuation, entertainment, sightseeing, and productive living. However, just like with any other major metropolis, the Bay Area's considerably large population inevitably gives way to a certain degree of theft, violence and general crime. It is naive to think that all crime can be eradicated, but there is a way to live well and protect yourself or business with our security services.

Whether your security needs are for a corporate setting, retail, school and education facilities, or office lobby, we have security officers trained and ready to address your security concerns.


LPG is dedicated to providing personal, high quality security services to our clients. We understand how important our client's image is, and how important it is for our company to adopt that image when serving them.

Our philosophy which differentiates our service from others is that we train and hire Security Officers for a specific client, not just to be a Security Officer. Our Security Officers are proactive and are dedicated to preventing loss and safety hazards before they happen.

Our goal is to develop strong, long lasting relationships with our clients who can benefit from our broad platform of experience. Ultimately, we offer an unparalleled mix of experience, professionalism and proven practices.

We are a closely managed Bay Area company, and respond with the involvement of our entire management team in situations that require immediate attention.


Along with our hiring practices in which we seek the best possible person for the fit of our client, we then ensure that they are trained in all aspects of security, then all of our security candidates are thoroughly background checked through criminal records, employment history and personal references.

You can have peace of mind knowing that LPG also operates a Live Scan Fingerprinting Background and Identitiy Services division at our Corporate Offices in Oakland, where applicants are fingerprinted in our offices and their fingerprints are forwarded to both the FBI and the Department of Justice.


Besides being a trusted, well-respected and reputable security services company, LPG also operates a state-of-the-art Security Training Academy in Oakland, California. Since 2006, LPG has trained over 40,000 Security Officers in Northern California.

From basic security to advanced training classes including CPR/First Aid, baton, taser and firearms training. Our Training Academy gives us the great opportunity to not only provide continuing training to our own security officers, but to also spot, monitor and recruit top candidates for our clients right out of the classroom.

All of our security officers receive State of California mandated Bureau of Security and Investigative Services training, in addtion to such matters as Role of the Security Officer, Legal Powers and Limitations, Communication and Public Relations, Ethics and Conduct, Report Writing, Site Specific situations, Emergency and Disaster Managament, Observation Skills and handling difficult conversations.

Some of LPG's Customers:
State of California Licenses:
  • PPO License #120189 
  • TFF License #1308
  • TFB License #1171
  • DOJ LSID Y61, HF2, YT3, NY4